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Price 17 EUR

Mission Statement
I can’t live solely on nostalgia and memories transferred into hi-res pictures and audio files. There are relicts of the past that I want to hold in my hands and t-shirts of bands that I grew up listening to, that formed my worldview (however pathetic this might sound), are exactly what I miss. These pieces of clothing carry memories. They remind me of moments when my back carried a piece of lyrics that connected me with kids thousands of miles away. For two decades the feeling is the same, no highs or lows of life have changed this and my heart is filled with joy when I see that many others feel the same way - many others who walked this way through music and lyrics with me and never strayed from the path. This cooperation proves it. Thanks.
Yes, the righteous question we should ask at the beginning is - does this world really need more hardcore band t-shirts? Honestly, probably not. But this world surely needs bands like Botch, Endpoint, Endstand and others. This world needs their thoughts and their legacy, because these bands managed to improve real lives - and they still do. And we want to spread this legacy. The legacy of equality, dedication, struggle against injustice, and friendship. That is why part of the profit from our t-shirts will go to organisations who spread the same legacy, just through different means. And because our roots are deep in the 90’s, we've reached out to bands that changed our own lives and asked them to help us to reignite the flame. The flame for today. The flame this world still needs.
Milan a.k.a. XMr. BananaX
World of Need is a benefit - part of the profit from the t-shirts will be donated to organisations or individuals fighting for animal rights, human rights or the planet, raising awareness of social issues or helping people in need. Every 6 months, the money will be donated to one purpose that will be announced and introduced in advance and after 6 months, the amount collected will be announced as well. The bands will be able to decide which organisations or projects will benefit from their particular t-shirts. This will be also transparent and the amount collected will be announced.
Thank You for Your support.